"I gave this unit a severe test
when we dragged a mature
doe through a recently
logged area with numerous
stumps and dead falls.
We did manage to punch
some holes in the first layer
but the rip-stop material
did not tear and the inner
layer remained intact.
The drag went much
easier than usual."

Jim B.
Elk River, MN

So Easy to Use!

Helps protect your trophy and your vehicle  

Deer in Bag-A-Buck Easy closure on Bag-A-Buck

Lay out BAG-A-BUCK and place deer on cover. Simply lift cover sliding deer into pouch.

Close bag using nylon clips to form an enclosed dimension of 72L x 36W x 18D.

Draging Bag-A-Buck Pull by hand or ATV

For slinging, join corner grommets (front to front, back to back) and attach rope. Or attach to single end grommet for dragging by hand.

Or drag by ATV. Less resistance makes the drag easier as the slick reinforced material slides over rough terrain.

Tropjy Protect your vehicle

Tough waterproof material helps protects your trophy...

AND your vehicle.

CAUTION: To avoid fluid leakage, before placing bag in vehicle be sure bag is intact with top orientated upward and edges folded upward. This product is for transportation only and should not be used for storage.

Buy Bag-A-Buck now for only $29.99

  • Sling it, drag by hand, or with your ATV
  • Heavy Duty / Light Weight / Waterproof / Portable
  • Rip stop tarp material resists tearing & puncturing
  • Rope included
  • Easily handles up to 250 lbs.
  • Double layer bottom for added protection
  • Helps protect your trophy AND your vehicle
  • Reusable, just rinse out after each use
  • For warmer days add a few bags of ice

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